Water Midstream

Traditionally, green initiatives in “wastewater management” came with added operational costs and inefficiencies. At IWS, we think water should be thought of as a commodity rather than a waste product. IWS is a forerunner in the development and operation of a rapidly growing water midstream infrastructure-as-Service, built for water management recycle and reuse in North Delaware (Permian) Basin, New Mexico.


We are unique in the water management space because every barrel of water (100%) will be recycled. This is incredibly valuable to our customers in the form of cost savings (operational optimization and capital efficiencies), and in helping operators meet the growing demand of ESG initiatives.

Save Big on Water Management

IWS water midstream segment takes on the cost of building and managing permanent and mobile infrastructure.

Meet the Surge with IWS

IWS ensures rapid product volume deliverability whenever a new well comes online. The industry standard of truck volumes and truck transfer lead to major logistical pitfalls and workflow inefficiencies. IWS is set up for maximum efficiency.

End Traditional Disposal

The industry demands a recycled water product that is compatible with the completion system they rely on. Customers of IWS are assured that we will meet or exceed quality standards required for their individual needs at a lower cost and at a superior environmental benefit than other solutions.

Looking for a partner in water management recycle and reuse?