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About Infinity.

Infinity Water Solutions is a Texas-based sustainability company focused on green infrastructure and water recycling in the Permian Basin.

A pioneer in the energy industry, Infinity is reshaping how operators gather, recycle, stage and source on-demand water for production.

In the simplest of terms, we are a logistics company. We move water throughout the Basin following our customers and anticipating their needs. Our closed-loop, water-sharing model means we recycle 100% of what we gather, and believe that water collected is not just an opportunity for Infinity, but an opportunity for everyone to reduce their dependence on freshwater.


Daily Capacity (bpd)


Barrels of Storage


Total Volume Treated (bbl)


Acres of Coverage


Miles of ROW

Our Solutions 




Affordable water recapture. Produced water intake and gathering for operators in the Northern Delaware of the Permian Basin.




We recycle 100% of what we gather for reuse using Infinity’s proprietary design and technology. Our throughput capacity is 125,000 (bpd).




Large-volume warehousing. Infinity has the capacity to stage more than 3 million barrels across its networked facilities.




On-demand water fulfillment. Reliable and consistent water sourcing for when and where our customers need it.

Why Choose Infinity.

Superior Reliability

We provide the highest levels of water quality and consistency, creating a new standard for water management throughout the industry. 


From gathering to sourcing, our midstream solutions result in massive savings. Infinity is competitively priced on both the intake and resale side of water.

Conveniently Located

Infinity’s water-sharing network covers more than 150,000 acres in the Northern Delaware Basin. We can address logistical issues the industry faces. 

Flexible Contracts

Our 24/7 solutions are tailor-made to meet each operator’s needs. We offer flexible, intermittent contracts so you’re never locked into a deal.


Infinity helps operators address the need to be better stewards of global resources and the environment. We are a proven ESG leader.

Zero-Liquid Discharge

We recycle 100% of what we gather, relieving pressure on freshwater resources while also leaving a negligible environmental footprint. 

Looking for a partner in water management recycle and reuse?