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We are an Infrastructure-as-Service-Provider for Water Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose.

100% Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose.

360° Water Management

IWS is a proven ESG leader with a track record of giving clients a superior end-product to conventional sourced water methods while leaving a negligible environmental footprint.


Tailormade to meet the operator’s needs, IWS addresses many of the timing and logistics issues faced in O&G water management, empowering operators to meet the surge.

100% Recycle and Reuse

Water disposal is not in our vocabulary. IWS uses a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) approach to water recycling. First and foremost, we are a chemical-free water recycling company.

ESG Heavy and CAPEX Light

IWS ensures product volume deliverability and total quality control to ensure optimal operational/cost efficiencies and maximum well completion performance.

Our Solutions

Infinity Water Solutions (IWS) provides a 360° water management solution covering Water Midstream, Water Sourcing, and Water Recycling. The end result is massive increases in operational and CAPEX efficiencies.


Water Midstream

IWS has a rapidly growing water midstream infrastructure-as-Service, built for water management recycle and reuse.

Water Sourcing

IWS is working with major operators in the region and building a “peer-to-peer” water sourcing network.

Water Recycling

IWS is a chemical-free, water recycling and reuse company. We never introduce chemicals to catalyze the recycling.

The IWS Water Recycling Process

Infinity Water Solutions (IWS) addresses 3 primary considerations for water recycling that we apply to every barrel of water that enters our facility:

• solids and skim oil separation
• contaminate removal
• filtration for improved water properties.

Our design ethos addresses each of these objectives without the use of chemical additives which we believe is an important attribute towards stewardship and responsibility. Our clients receive a superior end-product to conventional methods while also leaving a negligible environmental footprint.

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