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Water is our planet’s most critical resource, and at Infinity, we’re on a mission to protect and preserve it for future generations. By signing the pledge, you’re joining us on an incredible journey towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a significant impact on water innovation to ensure a resilient water future for everyone.

Our Commitment

Infinity Water Solutions is dedicated to recycling 100% of the water we gather. We promise to innovate, create, and do more with water, exploring new ways to refine and reuse it—from industrial applications and mineral mining to desalination and non-consumptive agricultural irrigation. Our goal is to lead by example, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve complete water reuse not just in the oilfield, but beyond.

Our Journey

By signing the pledge, you are supporting our efforts and taking a stand to protect this vital resource. Together, we can:

  • Research More: We are committed to deepening our understanding of water through cutting-edge research studies and innovative development projects. Our team of scientists and engineers is constantly exploring new ways to harness and reuse water efficiently, sustainability and economically.
  • Advance Technology: We invest heavily in growing an advanced energy ecosystem.   The commitment includes technology investments, but also advocacy. We champion policies that provide market stability and support the widespread adoption of water reuse and recycling initiatives.
  • Protect People and the Planet: Environmental stewardship is not just good business; it leads to significant societal benefits. By prioritizing the health of our planet, we are fostering stronger, more resilient communities. Our initiatives aim to diversify economies and contribute to the overall well-being of society, proving that sustainable practices can have far-reaching positive economic impacts.

A Global Call to Action

The water pledge is more than just a promise—it’s a call to action. Around the world, individuals and organizations are pledging to improve their water reuse efforts and advocate for policies that prioritize water innovation, technology and markets. We call it a blue economy – an economic renaissance propelled by water – and currently, it stands as a much more imminent reality than an ambitious dream.

By joining this effort, you are advocating for and protecting our freshwater supplies. Your participation is crucial. Sign the Infinity Water Solutions pledge today and help us turn this mission into a movement. Together, we can ensure that our future, and the future of our planet, is one where water is valued, protected and reused wisely.

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