Struggles and opportunities: How the NM economy builds on itself

Albuquerque Journal • by Ryan Boetel

Mike Dyson - Infinity Water Solutions

In this Albuquerque Journal article, Ryan Boetel explores various aspects of the New Mexico economy, focusing significantly on Infinity Water Solutions. The company has invested $30 million in infrastructure and plans additional investments amounting to $75 million in the state. Infinity Water Solutions will add at least five more treatment facilities and increase its capacity to treat 450,000 barrels of water per day. Storage capacity will increase from 3 million barrels to 20 million. Highlighting the critical role of the workforce and unique economic factors in New Mexico for their expansion, Infinity Water Solutions is a key player in the region’s economic landscape.

Mike Dyson, Infinity Water Solutions’ President and CEO, encapsulates their mission by stating, “If Infinity is doing its job correctly, a barrel in should equate to a barrel out.”

Most of the company’s work is in New Mexico, as opposed to its home state of Texas. 

Dyson said that’s because of the Produced Water Act. The act went into effect in 2019 and set clear standards for how to treat produced water used during oil and gas production.

“New Mexico has the perfect confluence of geology, geography and government,” he said.

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