Mike Dyson

Mike Dyson

Chief Executive Officer

Michael R. Dyson is the CEO of Infinity Water Solutions. A seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he has a proven track record of driving early-stage project growth and development, having founded or co-founded seven top-tier operations, with five successful exits. As a second-generation energy professional, he has spent more than two decades working in the water, technology and real estate space, often connecting all three.  

In 2019, Mike and his team launched Infinity Water Solutions, a sustainability and water management company focused on green infrastructure and water recycling in the Permian Basin. Today, Infinity is among the largest produced water recycling companies in New Mexico, conserving millions of gallons of freshwater annually, while also driving a culture of innovation in a circular economy.  

With a magna cum laude BA from the University of Houston and JD from Rutgers University, Mike holds several board of director positions in technology and energy companies. He’s also a graduate of Stanford University’s Business Executive Program. An active member of his community, Mike served as Mayor of Rollingwood from 2018-2021 and remains committed to giving back through various local, regional and state initiatives.

When not working or volunteering, Mike indulges his love for adventure and travel with his wife, Marsha, and their two daughters, Mia and Maddie. 

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