Texas water recycling company invested $30M in New Mexico. It’s planning $75M more in 2024.

Albuquerque Business First • by Jacob Maranda

Infinity Water Solution

In mid-2019, New Mexico enacted the Produced Water Act, a comprehensive piece of legislation that paved the way for rules and regulations to drive the reuse of “produced” water in the state — a type of wastewater generated as a byproduct of oil and gas production. Around the same time, a startup based in Austin, Texas, was developing a concept to take produced water, treat it and recycle it for reuse. In a four-step process using advanced water purification technology, the company would look to gather produced water from operators in the Permian Basin, recycle it at a rate of around 125,000 barrels per day, store it in warehouses at large volumes and then provide it to customers on-demand.

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