New Mexico plans for a future with less water

New Mexico Political Report

In the face of escalating water scarcity, New Mexico is charting a course towards sustainability and innovation. Mike Dyson, CEO of Infinity Water Solutions, lends his voice to an emerging consensus that sees opportunity in adversity. He highlights how produced water, once characterized as a byproduct of oil and gas extraction, has untapped potential:

“There’s a number of folks that have recognized that produced water in the state of New Mexico actually creates tremendous opportunity,” said Dyson.

His perspective is simple yet profound—every barrel of treated produced water returned to industrial use saves an equivalent amount of precious freshwater for ecosystems and communities that need it most.

This innovative stance on water conservation forms part of a broader narrative shared in a recent article on NM Political Report, which outlines New Mexico’s comprehensive plan to forge a future with less water availability. As climate change intensifies drought conditions and depletes water supplies, the state is embracing new technologies and regulatory measures aimed at water preservation. By doing so, they are setting a precedent for sustainable water management that may well become a blueprint for other regions facing similar challenges.

New Mexico’s Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has a “water” plan. While ambitious, the plan is achievable and represents great foresight and visionary leadership. Infinity Water Solutions looks forward to working collaboratively with Governor’s Office, Secretary James Kenney and the legislature as they continue to study, support and invest in new water supplies, including produced water, and we look forward to putting more of Infinity Water Solutions’ resources, dollars and technology to work in New Mexico.

Interestingly, Infinity Water Solution’s efforts in recycling produced water are not just about conservation; they also embody the symbiotic relationship between economic growth and environmental sustainability. This synergy is crucial as New Mexico navigates the delicate balance of supporting its economy while honoring its commitment to the natural environment. The full article delves deeper into these strategies, shedding light on the collaborative path towards a water-wise future.

Read the complete NM Political Report article here. Join the conversation and explore how every drop of water is a step towards tomorrow’s sustainability.