Michael Dyson on Oil and Gas Industry Leaders Podcast

Oil and Gas Global Network • Paige Wilson

OGGN Oil & Gas Industry Leader Podcast

In an episode of the Oil and Gas Industry Leaders podcast, hosted by Paige Wilson, listeners were treated to a glimpse into the mind of Michael Dyson. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Infinity Water Solutions, Dyson’s insights and experiences in the field proved to be highly valuable.

During the interview, Dyson shed light on his journey in the industry and shared his strategies for tackling the challenges of leadership. Notably, he discussed the pressing issue of water scarcity and its impact on the oil and gas sector. With increasing regulations and concerns about water disposal causing seismic activity, the need for recycled water as a sustainable solution has become paramount.

Dyson delved into the crucial role played by Infinity Water Solutions in addressing these pressing issues. Their innovative approach involves recycling 100% of the produced water they handle, thereby alleviating the burden on freshwater systems. Additionally, the company explores other beneficial reuses, such as in agriculture, to maximize the potential of this valuable resource.

The interview with Michael Dyson on the OGGN podcast provided listeners with an eye-opening perspective on the importance of sustainable water solutions in the oil and gas industry. Dyson’s expertise and passion for driving change served as an inspiration, reminding us of the immense potential for innovation in addressing environmental challenges.

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