Infinity Water Solutions and QRI Announce Strategic Partnership for SpeedWise® Water

Industry Leaders Unveil New Water Intelligence Platform for the Energy Sector and Beyond

Infinity Water Solutions (Infinity) and Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI) today announced a strategic partnership to support the development, deployment and advancement of a water intelligence platform called SpeedWise® Water – an AI and machine-learning software designed to standardize, categorize and appraise water, most notably the produced and treated produced water coming from the energy sector. 

Working within an energy ecosystem to support businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and academia, SpeedWise® Water leverages real-time data to accelerate decision-making and innovation, enhance purchasing power and fight information scarcity when it comes to sourcing, investing in and selling manufactured fit-for-purpose water products.

“The joining of QRI’s next generation software, with Infinity’s boots-on-the-ground water management experience is an unbeatable customer value,” said Infinity’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Dyson. “Together, we’re creating greater levels of efficiency and workflow optimization to help our customers and major operators across the Permian, and elsewhere, build connections, initiate commerce, and maximize their positive environmental impact.” 

As a major water recycler, in what is one of the most prolific basins in the World, Infinity has demonstrated success in managing significant amounts of produced and recycled produced water. The result has been both an industry-wide reduction in the dependance of freshwater resources, and an actual (and substantial) contribution to the amount of water available per capita, specifically in Southern New Mexico. 

Alleviating water scarcity, however, is not just about preserving supply, but ensuring that those new and available water sources can be easily accessed and exchanged openly and transparently. SpeedWise® Water is that bridge –  a centralized, systematic hub connecting the gap between buyers and sellers, inventory and application. 

“Infinity and QRI are a powerful combination. The coupling of our complementary skill sets, intel, technology and teams have resulted in a truly impressive platform,” said Dr. Nansen G. Saleri, QRI Chairman & CEO. “Together we can deliver far more positive outcomes towards sustainability and clean energy than either company individually. The fact that we can help the value appreciation of wastewater through AI and superior engineering makes it even more exciting.”

After nearly 20 years in business, QRI has a track record of global reservoir management and advanced analytics software development. From the U.S. to Europe and the Middle East, QRI’s data-driven, AI solutions have been used by industry-leading NOCs, major investment groups and forward-thinking communities all over the world. 

An ideal partnership, the arrangement between Infinity and QRI aims to standardize, appraise and categorize water manufactured from the energy sector on a commercial scale. With robust end-to-end workflow tools, SpeedWise® Water helps to streamline the drilling and exploration process with better water analytics and data. Key features of the platform include:

  • Real-time monitoring, analysis, tracking and projections of water supply and demand;
  • Improved efficacy and efficiency of right-size treatment solutions, chemistry insights and optimization based on water characteristics and constituents;
  • Interactive dashboards and custom charts to help visualize various plots and metrics, and reveal intelligence on current and historical trends to enhance operations of water and/or energy infrastructure;
  • Reservoir repositories with detailed geospatial data and water chemistry analytics to drive next-gen, data-backed decision-making; 
  • Transparency and dynamic pricing for water transactions based on comparable sales, market conditions, and predictive modeling; 
  • Cross-industry visibility to help minimize potential environmental and health-related issues, and guide direct and beneficial reuse rules and regulations; and
  • A secure and scalable environment hosted on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) leading cloud platform. 

SpeedWise® Water (beta version) will be released in Q3 2023. For an overview of the platform and its capabilities, please visit www.water.energy/whitepaper/ to download a copy of our recently published White Paper: The Ultimate Water Intelligence Platform for the Energy Sector and Beyond. To schedule a demo and/or speak with a SpeedWise® Water representative, please email speedwise@water.energy.