Energy Industry Shifts Focus to Water Recycling

YourBasin.com • Matt Fontes

Midland, Texas – March 10, 2023 – Water management company, “Infinity” made its way to Midland recently to discuss new agreements covering recycled and reused water.

Infinity Water Solutions is taking the company to new heights across the Permian Basin through a collaboration with major Permian operator, XTO energy. The agreement is intended to preserve millions of barrels of water resources while also reducing downhole disposal.

“By taking industry water and recycling that for direct reuse into the industry, every barrel we reuse is one less barrel that we need to remove from freshwater sources. As for seismicity, for every barrel that we’re not putting downhole, it lessens the risk to some degree of seismic activity.”

Michael Dyson, CEO of Infinity, explains that their company operates within a close loop water management system which means 100% of the water collected is recycled and redistributed back into the oil and gas industry.

“If a barrel of water comes into our system, we really want to find a way to re-home that. We emphasize green infrastructure and technology to help provide solutions for operators and their water challenges.”

To date, infinity has gathered more than four million barrels of produced water and has successfully delivered similar volumes of recycled produced water back to a variety of major operators across the Permian. Dyson says their continued work shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.

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