Infinity Water Solutions Reaches New Heights in the Permian Basin through Water Recycling and Sharing Collaboration with XTO Energy


Infinity Water Solutions (Infinity), a sustainability and water management company based in Austin, Texas, has reached an unprecedented scale with new agreements covering substantial volumes of recycle-and-reuse water in the Delaware Basin in New Mexico.

Infinity Water Solutions and XTO

Anchoring this is a multi-year contract with major Permian operator XTO Energy, an ExxonMobil subsidiary. The agreement, which expands XTO’s portfolio of water management initiatives in the Permian Basin, is intended to preserve millions of barrels of water resources while also reducing downhole disposal.

“Our commitment to water stewardship is unwavering,” said Michael Dyson, Infinity’s Chief Executive Officer. “By alleviating the industry’s need to depend on brackish water, Infinity is accelerating conservation rates and increasing New Mexico’s water security, sustainability and resiliency, a vision we’re materializing with each new contract.”

As a pure-play recycler, Infinity operates within a closed-loop water management system, meaning 100% of the water gathered at its flagship Mills Ranch 1 facility – including XTO’s produced water – has been successfully recycled and redistributed back into the oil and gas industry in New Mexico to avoid withdrawal from natural water resources.

“This collaborative work with Infinity is part of ExxonMobil’s ongoing efforts to seek industry leading performance on water management in the Permian, including a continued focus on increasing water recycling and sharing,” said David Scott, General Manager of ExxonMobil’s Permian Basin business unit. “As a leading operator in the Permian Basin, we are working to do our part and collaborating with others to help safeguard New Mexico and West Texas water sources.”

To date, Infinity has gathered more than four million barrels of produced water, and successfully delivered similar volumes of recycled produced water back to a variety of major operators across the Permian, some up to 22 miles away from Infinity facilities. This is notable given the geography of the Permian Basin, and a sizable demonstration of just how far the infrastructure network and demand for water sharing have come.

An innovator in the energy industry, Infinity is reimagining the production process, bookending the way water is managed on both the gathering and sourcing sides. Using its 360-degree, zero-liquid discharge approach, Infinity treats and reuses 100% of what it gathers (less evaporation).

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