Infinity Water Solutions uses SitePro for efficient, ESG-friendly facilities and solutions

Infinity and SitePro

Infinity Water Solutions uses SitePro to optimize water recycling facility, efficiently operating, monitoring and collecting data from its remote site in New Mexico.

“Our facilities to a degree were designed with SitePro in mind,” said CEO Mike Dyson.

Infinity is a water recycling and midstream operation with a site in southeastern New Mexico and has big plans to expand. The site takes water from operators, treats and processes the water and then provides that water to operators to reuse. 

“Most recycling is done as a service,” said CFO Chris Caudill. “It’s done on-site. Someone brings a system out there and they recycle for an operator. Instead of recycling as a service, we’re doing infrastructure as a service meaning we’re taking a product and we’re selling a product. But with that brings a lot more efficiency to the market and reduces the prices on both sides.”

Infinity COO Peter Mercure said when the team was exploring opportunities for the business, water scarcity was a top issue to address. He said Infinity proposes more water going downhole today can be recycled and relieve pressure on the precious resource.

Dyson said the team started working with SitePro at the beginning stages of Infinity to ensure efficient and safe operations. It’s current oilfield wastewater recycling facility, Federal 128, has SitePro incorporated into several facets. The software is currently controlling and monitoring the actuators on the truck lanes and monitoring tank levels. Infinity has also incorporated SitePro into its billing system to streamline that.

Remote Monitoring

With Infinity’s main offices in Austin, the remote monitoring SitePro provides is crucial for administrators and managers to check on the site.

“Operationally, most of the time you need human beings to run a facility this size,” said Mercure. “Between checking in on the condition of equipment and making sure it’s working how it’s designed. With this level of automation, we can do 80 percent of that remotely…so it helps us certainly with lowering operational costs.”

Mercure said he especially appreciates the remote monitoring because he can look at data over a cup of coffee from anywhere.

“We can look at reports, we can look at who the busy operators are. It’s just great for data mining,” he said.

Mercure also said the remote monitoring was important because it kept employees and contractors from making unnecessary trips to the site to check on things, which keeps employees safe and reduces travel and maintenance expenses. 

Remote Visibility

Administrators also use SiteWatch to keep an eye on the facilities from anywhere. SiteWatch is SitePro’s remote camera surveillance system. Users are able to check in on a site from the mobile app or computer. They can view feeds live, in a time-lapse format, or motion capture. 

“When you’re talking in terms of SiteWatch, safety has to be top of that line. Remote locations…being able to monitor and see when people are coming and going without having someone on location 24/7, that is a tremendous boom,” Dyson said. 

Mercure expanded saying, “Having SiteWatch and remote camera monitoring has been really important to us because there are a number of times where there are issues that have never been reported unless we had the opportunity to capture them on film. Whether it was a truck driver or operator not having access to the site when they had permission or when there are suspicious vehicles on site that don’t belong there.”

Greener and Cleaner

As an ESG-focused company, Infinity uses SitePro to help its goal of creating safe, efficient water solutions. Dyson said the demand for water in the oil and gas industry has demanded the question: how much of this scarce resource can we reuse?

“Everyone used to talk in terms of ‘this is wastewater.’ At Infinity, we’ve never used that terminology. Water’s a commodity. And if we can find a way to clean it up to first recycle reuse and then ultimately repurpose. The idea that we can clean this water to such a degree that industries outside of the oil and gas industry can have feasible access,” Dyson said.

Along with making operations as efficient as possible, Infinity’s solution is also 100 percent chemical free.