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Oil & Gas production is water intensive.

Severe drought conditions are exacerbating scarcity issues across the U.S., driving legislators to champion agriculture over O&G production. As regulatory pressures mount and costs rise, producers must adopt alternative ways to use water.

New Mexico sits at the epicenter of the regulatory debate on water, and New Mexico’s State Legislature is taking meaningful measures to address higher input costs related to scarcity, pushing to ban freshwater for use in fracking operations. Freshwater sales for fossil fuel development from state land are currently banned by the New Mexico State Land Office.

IWS is a leader in the ESG industry initiative.

This is where Infinity Water Solutions (IWS) comes in. We are an Infrastructure-as-Service-Provider for Water Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose. Using proprietary patent pending technologies, IWS applies a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) approach to water recycling. First and foremost, we are a chemical-free water recycling company, helping our customers address the need to be better stewards of resources and the environment through recycling produced water and flowback into a reusable product for future drilling and completions.

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Partnering with IWS means that your company will be adopting best-in-class ESG standards in water management.

Our Solutions

Infinity Water Solutions (IWS) provides a 360° water management solution covering Water Midstream, Water Sourcing, and Water Recycling. The end result is massive increases in operational and CAPEX efficiencies.


Water Midstream

IWS has a rapidly growing water midstream infrastructure-as-Service, built for water management recycle and reuse.

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Water Sourcing

IWS is working with major operators in the region and building a “peer-to-peer” water sourcing network.

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Water Recycling

IWS is a chemical-free, water recycling and reuse company. We never introduce chemicals to catalyze the recycling.

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