About Us

Our Vision

Infinity Water Solutions: Leading peer-to-peer water management, recycle, and beneficial reuse.

Our Mission

To provide a more efficient, and sustainable alternative to traditional water management by ensuring innovative, chemical free methods that leave a negligible environmental footprint.

Water Management Expertise

Infinity Water Solutions (IWS) provides environmentally conscious alternatives to managing wastewater from oil and gas production that reduce customer costs while also alleviating the pressure on freshwater scarcity. We are a group of upstream veterans that understand how success begins and ends with the partners that operators choose as their extended team to execute a development plan. We integrate ourselves into the process so that our customers can focus on the big picture. We listen and adapt so that we may earn and keep our customers performing at the top of their peer group.

IWS manages all aspects of produced water takeaway, recycling, and reuse, with the capabilities to solve the timing and logistical challenges to meet the client’s surge. As technologies and techniques develop, so will IWS operations to ensure that IWS leads in the markets we serve.

Stewardship and Responsibility

Roughly 60% of flowback water is reused before it is released back into the environment. Recycling the water is much more cost effective. Since the company’s inception, IWS set out to be a 100% recycle ESG company, providing solutions for Water Midstream, Water Sourcing, Water Recycling.

An operator’s sustainability and ethical impact is measured by the ESG values they instill in their processes and workflows. Our clients receive a superior end-product to conventional methods, while also leaving a negligible environmental footprint and helping operators achieve ESG compliance.

IWS is a forerunner in the development and operation of a rapidly growing infrastructure-as-Service for water management recycle and reuse in North Delaware (Permian) Basin, New Mexico. Our expanding network of pipeline, storage capacity, recycling, and sourcing capabilities allows us to meet the demand for large volumes of produced water, using a “peer-to-peer” water sharing network to treat and deliver recycled volumes back to our customers efficiently and responsibly at a much lower cost than the industry standard.

Health & Safety

Nothing is more important to us than operational HSE management. At IWS, we take the health and safety of your workers seriously. As a liaison between the water management team and the production team, our operational processes and preparedness plans mitigate vulnerabilities and risks every step of the way. Our goal is to protect your people, assets, and environment.

Start Today!

Partnering with IWS means that your company will be adopting best-in-class ESG standards in water management.


IWS has operations in both Northern and Southern New Mexico.

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