Areas of Operation

Area of Operations
Infinity’s Northern Network

With 45 miles of pipeline built or in permitting, and another 30 planned, Infinity’s throughput capacity is nearing more than 300,000 barrels daily. Equally aggressive is our staging capacity, which is expected to hover at an inventory level of just over 6 million barrels (250 million gallons).

Since launching in 2019, we have invested heavily in a robust water-sharing network covering more than 150,000 acres in the Northern Delaware of the Permian Basin. Our goal is to meet our customers – the majors and large private and independents – where they are, serving operators in both Texas and New Mexico.

Infinity’s Water Recycling Facilities:

  1. Mills Ranch 1
    • Built and in operation since Q3, 2022
    • 120k BWPD
    • 3MM Barrels of Staging Capacity
  2. Mills 19
    • Permitted, approved and due online Q2, 2023
    • 120k BWPD
    • 2MM Barrels of Staging Capacity
  3. FED 128
    • Built and in operation since Q2, 2020
    • Enhanced Q4, 2022
    • Current 15k BWPD
    • Future 60k BWPD
    • 1.5MM Barrels of Staging Capacity
  4. BAR 1
    • In planning, due online Q2, 2023
    • Future 120k BWPD
    • 2.5MM Barrels of Staging Capacity